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Old Barn Lane December 2010 from the footbridge looking towards the flats on the site of the Rose & Crown Pub


Old Barn Lane from the footbridge looking towards the Gasometer on the Godstone Road. Foreground the site of Gadoline House and the Amoco Petrol Station.






Same view March 2017 showing the site being re-developed





 May 2018 showing the large crane onsite. Foundations in place and construction in progress.


May 2018 Foundations in place and construction in progress.


August 2017 looking South East showing the site from the industrial estate opposite






Gadoline House still standing in 2007





Caterham Line train from the footbridge between Old & new barn Lane heading towards Whyteleafe Station






September 2011 the smouldering remains of the Old Boatyard on the Godstone Road





Maple Road 2007 from under the Railway Arch looking towards the Godstone Road. The Old Boatyard roof can be seen above the orange leaved tree in the centre.

Houses on Hilltop, Beverley, Hillcrest, Mosslea Road and Marlings Close can be seen on the far side of the valley.


Reverse view looking towards Whyteleafe Rec.




June 2008 Whyteleafe from Kenley Common with Riddlesdown Common in the background.



New Barn Lane Looking towards Riddlesdown Chalk Pit. The site of the old Rose & Crown pub can be seen covered in scaffolding.