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Vimy Ridge Trench map over layed onto a modern day map image

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1st Canadian Infantry Brigade Operational Orders For Vimy Ridge

The Canadian Corps was ordered to attack the Vimy Ridge in conjunction with operations on the 3rd Army front.

The 1st Canadian Division  to attack on the right of the Canadian Corps, with the 51st Division, XVII Corps, on it's right and the 2nd Canadian Division on its left.

The flank boundaries of the 1st Division are marked in orange on the map.

The objectives are marked on the map as follows.

First objective the Black line.

Second Objective the Red line.

Third objective the Blue line.

Fourth and final objective the Brown line and the capture of the guns in Farbus Wood.

1st Division

The 1st Division attack  to be carried out as follows.

The 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade on the right and the 3rd Canadian Infantry Brigade on the left.

They both Brigades have the Red line as their final objectives.

The 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade  to attack through the 2nd and 3rd Canadian Infantry Brigades to assault the Zwischen Stellung on a frontage of A.18.c.51/2.51/2 to A17.b.8..? then onto the third and final objectives.

Phase 1

The 1st Canadian Batt. to attack Zwischen Stellung on a two Company frontage with two waves A.16.c.5 1/2.5 1/2. to A.17.b.8.2. 

Phase 2

The attack of the 1st Canadian Batt. on triangle at A.18.a.9 1/2.8 and Blue objective  to consist of two waves each of two platoons.

The 1st wave to attack trench running through Albrecht Ave. at A.18.c.9 1/2.8 and triangle as far East as trench junction A.18.a.2 1/4.3.

The 2nd wave to pass through 1st wave and attack and hold Island Traverse Trench establishing a post at A.18.b.9 3/4.2 3/4.

Mopping up party to deal with Albrecht Ave. east of Zwischen Stellung and dugouts at trench junction A.18.c.9 3/4.8.

The 4th Canadian Batt also to attack the Blue objective in two waves.on a two Coy. frontage.

The 1st wave to attack trench running Southeast from A.12.c.9 1/2.8 3/4. and trench running through Lon Weg at A.12.d.5.1.



The 2nd wave to attack through the 1st and attack Island Traverse Trench and Sunken Rd.

Mopping up party will deal with Sunken Rd in A.12.c and Kramer Ave. A block will be established in trench running East into Bois Carre.

The capture of Blue objective ends the second phase.

The Barrage was lift off the Blue line at zero plus 320 and then form a standing barrage 200yards forward of this line until zero plus 405 mins. this was to give a pause of 45 mins for reorganising.

Phase 3

The 3rd Battalion

The 3rd Canadian Battalion to attack brown objective and Farbus Wood with two waves on a two company frontage, two platoons to each Company. This to be followed by a mopping up party of two platoons following 2nd wave. 

Three Platoons of the 1st wave to assault and hold the Sunken Rd and Commandants Hse. at approx B.t.d.5 1/2.8 1/2. 

The right platoon of this wave then to proceed to B.8.c.1.1. just East of the wire so they could support the Platoon going into Farbus Wood. 

The 2nd wave  to proceed forward to the main resistance line where they are to leave a platoon the remaining three to pass through the wire and into Farbus Wood.


The 4th Battalion

The 4th Canadian Battalion to attack the Blue objective on a two Company front with two Platoons per Company in each wave.

The 1st wave to be followed up by a mopping up party of two platoons.

The 2nd wave to follow with a mopping up party of three platoons.

The 1st wave to go directly to the main resistance line and dig in.

One platoon of the mopping up party to go straight into Bois Carre the other the Sunken Rd on the North East of Bois Carre.


Outpost line of Lewis guns to be established by 3rd and 4th Battalions along a line B.8.c.9 1/2.3 1/4 and B.8.a.3.5 1/2.

This outpost line to be held to the last in order to break-up any German counter attack.



  1st Canadian Infantry Brigade Formation

1st Canadian Infantry Batt.-Right.

3rd Canadian Infantry Batt.-Centre

4th Canadian Infantry Batt. -Left.

2nd Canadian Infantry Batt. -In rear of the 4th Canadian Battalion

3rd Battalion Operational Orders For Vimy Ridge

Plan of attack

The Battalion will attack on a two company front with four waves, A and B Companies leading. A Company on the left, "B" Company on the right, "C" Company in the rear of "A" Company and "D" Company in the rear of "B" company. 

The 1st wave will consist of 3 Platoons 1 from "A" Company and 2 from "B" Company.

The 2nd wave will consist of 4 Platoons 2 from "A" Company and 2 from"B" Company.

The 3rd wave will consist of 4 Platoons 2 from "C" Company and 2 from "D" Company.

The 4th wave will consist of 4 Platoons 2 from "C" Company and 2 from "D" Company. 

There will be 50 yards distance between 1st and 2nd wave, 100 yards between 2nd and 3rd and 50 yards between 3rd and 4th waves. 

The 1st wave will take trench from A.12.d.55.3. to A.18.b.27.37.

The 2nd wave will pass through 1st and take trench from A.12.d.75.3. to A.18.b.83.42. 1 platoon of "A" Company will mop up Lon Weg Trench.


This concludes 2nd Phase of offence.


The 3rd wave will take trenches from B.7.c.75.35. to B.7.d.14.15. and from B.7.c.8.1. to B.18.b.2.6.

3 Platoons of this wave will move forward and take and hold the Sunken rd and Commandants Hse.

The right Platoon of this wave will proceed to B.8.c.1.1., just east of the wire where they will support the Platoons going into Farbus Wood.


The 4th wave will leave 1 Platoon at main resistance line, the remaining 3 Platoons passing through wire and going forward as patrols into Farbus Wood where they will dig an outpost line B.8.c.4.92 to B.8.c.72.2.

This concludes Phase 3 of the attack. 

The remainder of the 1st and 2nd waves plus 1 officer and 8 sappers from 1st Field Coy., will move forward  and dog a Main Resistance Line just West of the top of the spur on a line approx. B.7.d.17.37 to B.13.b.4.68.