The box on my house wall contain a full HD camcorder. This is connected to my PC by USB and to i-Catcher by video leads.



Nest Box 1 is made from ext grade plywood

and has a removable nest box compartment

The front cover can be removed to access the camcoder and wiring.

The camcorder can be remote controlled by a radio remote control extender.

To control the camcorder remotely you just point the camcorder remote at a

radio control box. This encodes the IR signal and transmits it by radio to a

receiver in the nest box. The receiver then decodes it and send the signal as

IR to the camcorder. You can buy these IR extenders quite cheaply (they are used

to control TV etc. from another room). All I have done is take the receiver apart

and monted the PCB in the nest box.


The finished box with the camcorder installed.

Note the camera picture can be monitored from the side mounted

LCD screen. This makes setting up the camera very easy.


Lighting is provided by four LED light panels mounted in the top of the box.

These give off bright white light that has hardly any shadow and run very cool.

Click to view nest box plan

Click to view internal nest box plan

The Nest Box also has hardware motion detection installed so HD time-lapse video can be recorded.

A passive infrared detector is fitted in the roof of the nest box. When a bird enters the box the detector picks up the birds body heat and triggers a timer module. The timer module via a relay module triggers the "photo shot" button on the remote control. The remote control code is sent to an infrared receiver and this is transmitted by radio to a radio receiver in the nest box. The radio receiver then converts the signal to infrared and operates the camera. Images are stored on a 32GB memory card on the camera. Each night the images are downloaded remotely via a USB cable connected to the HD camcorder to my PC. Live video from the camcorder is fed to a 7" monitor and a multiport video card on my PC for use by i-Catcher software.

There is also a programmable timer that will trigger the camcorder without motion detection.

Version 2 below uses a hard wired infrared converter box and transmits the infrared camcorder control signal to the nest box by cable instead of wireless.



Nest Box 2

Nest Box 2 also faces North West and is fixed around 8' high to a shed under a Willow Tree. This box is fitted with a mini Colour CCD and camera  Illumination is provided by 8 white LEDs.



This box is around 80' from my PC and is fed by a 75ohm coax for video and a Cat 5 cable for sound and power.


Nest Box 2 Wiring



Nest Box 3 is no longer is use.








Most pictures on this site are captured with i-Catcher software

I use a single Euresys Junior 4 Video Capture Card that has 4 video inputs controlled through i-catcher console software.



Watch i-Catcher console working on my PC





i-Catcher Go App

i-Catcher Go on IPOD Touch 4 used to setup focus & position on my cams











I also use PocketMonitor from i-catcher on my PDA to setup focus & position on my cams

PocketMonitor screen shot

All Camera lighting, sound & power can be independently controlled from my Camera Control Panel.