A Photographic Record Of Nest Boxes Located In A Garden In Kenley Surrey

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Kenley Nest cams have moved to a new location in Kenley.

The New Nest Box is in use but I am unable to get it online for 2016.

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 Box Type No. Eggs Incubation started Date Hatched Chicks Fledged Chicks Dead Chicks
House Blue Tit 0          
Shed Great Tit 0          

Nest Box 1 House Wall Blue Tits



Nest Box 2 Great Tits Garden Shed


Nest Box Temperature

















Internal Cam External Cam Internal Cam Bird Bath Cam
Click to see latest still captures. Click to see latest still captures. Click to see latest still captures. Click to see latest still captures.

New motion captures are uploaded around midday when cams are online.


Kenley Nest Cams on your Smart Phone


Try this link to view my web cams on your smartphone. I have tested it on Blackberrys, iPhones and Androids.



if the above does not work try my smartphone quick link page this uses the iCatche web viewer

Copy this link and paste in your smart phone.  http://home.btconnect.com/brettoliver1/Nestbox/mobilenew.htm

This is a small link page that allows you to view my icatcher feeds through the icatcher web viewer.

 iCatcher Web Viewer on a Blackberry Storm 2.

Note on my Blackberry I need to select Javascript and not Java.

Using the Blackberry app "launchPad" you can make custom icons on your Blackberry

 screen with direct access to your iCatcher feeds.


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