Garden back

The garden is on the North Downs in Kenley Surrey, slopes downwards and has views over Riddlesdown.



Bird Feeders

bird feeders

My bird feeders are at the top of the garden near the house.






Halfway down the garden on an old shed. Nestbox 2 is fitted into the Eastern end of this shed.

The cast iron water pump from the bird baths can be seen behind the rose trellis. The "secret garden" is

on the left of the path that goes by the bird baths.




Bird Baths

Cast iron waterpump birdbath

Water is pumped from an underground sump into a large cast iron pump that feeds three bird baths via a leaking bucket

before draining back to the sump.




Secret Garden

The secret garden contains my wildlife pond. It is separated from the rest of the garden by tall hedges and can only be accessed via a large wooden door and a short flight of steps..

Click image to view inside.

Secret Garden