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When setting up this Widget use this file for Kenley Weather in the "clientraw.txt" path


and this one for the "Main Weather page"


or choose

 "UK London Kenley" under Select Weather Station




















Kenley Weather Personal Widget

Add live Kenley Weather as an Android Widget

use http://www.brettoliver.org.uk/clientraw.txt

Lunar Phase
Kenley Area Live Weather Stations


Station ID

Kenley Langham Dene IUNITEDK105
Kenley Aerodrome 03781
Kenley Valley Road IKENLEY2
Kenley Uplands Road IKENLEY4
Warlingham Crewe's Avenue IWARLING2
Caterham Drive ICOULSDO3
Kenley Beckett Avenue IKENLEY3

Click to see live Weather Station map of the Kenley Area


Click to see live weather station map of Kenley. Zoom the map out to see the whole of the UK.



View Weather time-lapse from the last 3 days

Click here for Live

Rain Radar for Kenley