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Photographs of Kenley




The Restored " Wattenden " Dew Pond at the junction of Old Lodge Lane and Hayes Lane.

Picture edited to removed the clutter of street furniture and modern day objects. Move your mouse over the picture to see the unedited photo as of May 2014.









A year later and the pond has become naturalised.








The old gasometer with Riddlesdown beyond.


The setting sun reflects off the Eastern edge of Riddlesdown Chalk Pitt.

From New Barn Lane Footpath.

The new development at the Rose & Crown site can be seen across the railway footbridge.










View from Kenley Common heading towards New Barn Lane with Riddlesdown Common in the distance 





View from Kenley Common heading towards New Barn Lane with Riddlesdown Common in the distance 









Betts Mead

View from Betts Mead looking North West with Old Lodge Lane running along the line of the trees on the left.

Purley can be seen in the distance with the woods around Canons Hill and Caterham Drive on the far left.





Heading downhill by mountain bike towards Hawkhirst Road









View  from the bridleway to Golf Road.






Bluebells in the woods on Kenley Common top of the Bridleway to Hawkhirst Road







Bluebells in the woods on Kenley Common near the Bridleway to Hawkhirst Road








Wood Anemones in a clearing in the woods at the edge of Kenley Common






All Saints Church Kenley 06/01/2010



Kenley Station 2010







Roe Deer With the ever increasing deer population garden visits are now common.












 Foreground gardens in Valley road with the railway line and Bourne Park behind the trees.  Houses on Godstone Road and Garston Lane can be seen at the foot of Riddlesdown Woods.




















The Bourne Flood 2014

The raised pedestrian walk way over the Godstone Road


Bourne Flood Video Whyteleafe, Kenley and Purley 2014




Heavy Plant waiting on the closed Godstone Road near Roke School. Water pipes can be seen taking the flood water into Purley








Water being pumped along the Godstone Road Purley




Junction of Godstone Rd/Downcourt Rd







Emergency water storage pen in St John the Baptist Church car park.




Kenley Airfield
The RAF Memorial on Kenley Airfield



Lectern on the Northern end of the airfield










Lectern on the North East end of the airfield


Video: Lectern on the North East end of the airfield






Fighter Blast Pen or Revetment on the North of the Airfield










View out across the runway from the Fighter Pen









Surrey Hills Glider on Kenley Airfield







Surrey Hills Glider on Kenley Airfield








Godstone Road Shops






Looking across from the bridleway from Golf road to Hillcrest road toward Riddlesdown common.

The bridleway to Hawkhirst follows the line of trees to the left.










Old Lodge Lane & Betts Mead

View across a field towards Waterhouse Lane from the footpath to Caterham Drive off Old Lodge Lane.

View from Old Lodge Lane through the hedge to Betts Mead.






Looking down Old Lodge Lane with the woods around Caterham Drive to the left. Caterham Drive joins Old Lodge Lane at the far end of the lane in this photo.


















The Gasometer at Whyteleafe standing above the trees of Bourne Park and the gardens of Valley Road in Spring snow.






Valley Road with the footpath to Bourne View on the right


Valley Road with Ashurst Close on the left









The Godstone Rd opp Bourne View






Snow in Kenley Video showing images from this site mixed with short video clips from the area.