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Hidden Storage Cupboard






      Built in Brompton Storage Cupboard

The Brompton store is built into a modified 800mm kitchen base cabinet.

The cabinet is fitted with a sideways mounted drawer runner that is accessed via a hole cut into the side of the cabinet.

The cabinet is positioned next to a stud wall with the studs built around the cabinet opening so the drawer can be pulled out through the wall to access the bike.

The remaining space inside the cabinet is blanked off hiding the bike and allowing the cabinet to be used or kitchen items.

The cabinet is wide enough for a Brompton Bike fitted with SPD pedals.





My Brompton is a Black S6 model and has SPDs fitted in place of the folding Brompton Pedals.

This makes the bike slightly wider than the original when folded.





Cabinet Modification


A standard 800mm base cabinet is used to store the bike.

The back panel is removed and is cut down and refitted near the front of the cabinet to hide the bike.

The shelf is cut down to form the pull out drawer. The old drawer top and middle supports are removed and discarded.





A hole cut into side of cabinet, timber batons are fixed to the cabinet base and drawer runners are fixed to the batons.

The middle support for the old drawers is shown in place and can be removed.



Drawer runner pulled out. A short section is added to the drawer runner base to sit the modified IKEA Moppe cabinets.



The drawer runner gives a 700mm long extension and can carry 35Kg or 77lb of weight.

Features :

- runs on ball bearings

- telescopic slider construction

- rubber brake

- release catch allows drawer to be separated from the runners

see manufacturers video below







Pull Out Drawer

The base of the drawer is melamine faced chipboard and this sits on two 55x37 timber batons.

The drawer runner and the MDF drawer front are screwed to these batons along with the extension for the drawer base to mount the IKEA Moppe cabinets.

The MDF drawer front fits onto the hole in the wall with architrave fixed to it hiding the gap. 

The MDF drawer front is braced with metal brackets.

The Eazy wheel on the back of the Brompton is lined up with the small timber block

screwed to the base of the drawer. This ensures the bike is in the centre of the drawer.






Drawer Plans

I used parts from the old cabinet where possible and also old timber/MDF I had laying around.














Tool/Spares Storage Box

Two  IKEA Moppe boxes are fitted to the end of the drawer for holding tubes, spare parts and tools etc.



I cut the lower section off one of the boxes and attached it to the other box with small screws.

The outside of the lower section was then cut again and attached to the top of the box to form a tray.



The completed box with tray at the top and Lazertran Inkjet labels on the drawer fronts






























Building Work

I am replacing an old glazed wall/double door into my  kitchen with a new stud wall/single door ready for a new kitchen.

It also gives me the opportunity to build in and test out the Brompton Store.


below the original sliding doors from the 1960s were replace at some time with pine glazed double doors.




The old glass doors/wall removed



The ceiling plate of the original wall frame was not fixed to anything so I will brace the new wall off the floor joists

above to stop it moving when the door is opened and closed.


New 4"x2" timber stud work in place and door lining fixed in place


The timber stud work is spaced to allow the sliding drawer to extend out of it


Plaster board is cut to size and then temporarily screwed in place.

As the new kitchen will not be fitted for a few years I will permanently fix the plasterboard once I have decided on any light switches and mains socket positions.



MDF drawer front in place with drawer pulled out





The MDF drawer front fixed in place with the new kitchen door test fitted.

The MDF drawer front is cut to fit in the plasterboard recess with a gap to allow a 4mm door lining the same width as the main door.

This will give my plasterer an edge to skim up to.





The MDF door has architrave applied to overlap the edge hiding the opening.

I have temp fixed architrave around the kitchen door and skirting boards to the wall so they can be removed when the wall is eventually plaster skimmed over.



Reverse side of the wall showing the modified cabinet in place. I have cut down the original shelves to fit the reduced cabinet depth.

The temporary cabinet doors and MDF worktop will be replaced when the new kitchen is installed.



Completed project

Living Room View before the kitchen was completed

Kitchen View

Plastering completed, new kitchen units fitted and granite worktop in place.



Brompton Hidden Storage