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Automatic Battery Backed Up PSU

This project uses a solar panel controller to provide battery backup to a modified 10 Amp 18 fused output PSU.

A 20 Amp hour lead acid battery provide backup power when mains power fails.

The charge controller keeps the battery charged correctly and also prevents over discharge of the battery.

Automatic Battery backed up PSU. Mouse over to see battery backup mode.

In normal mode the charge current is displayed on the left of the display and the LED on the PSU box turns Green.

In battery backup mode the charging current display in Amps disappears and the LED on the PSU box turns Red.






Power Supply Panel


Nordstrand CCTV Camera Power Supply Distribution Box Unit 12V 10A 18 Channels

Improve camera security and reliability
- Most CCTV cameras are mains power operated, often by plugging them into a nearby socket. The Nordstrand CCTV Power Supply Box reduces the risk of deliberate or accidental tampering by securing power supplies for multiple cameras in one lockable box.

Easy to install and maintain
- The Nordstrand camera power box can be wall mounted anywhere, keeping cables and power supplies secure and tidy. LED indicators allow you to tell if the cameras are powered, making it easy to troubleshoot problems. A single on/off power switch lets you reboot or shut down the system if required and a built-in PTC fuse turns it off when current reaches 1.1A.

Choose the right box for your system
- The Nordstrand CCTV Power Supply Boxes are designed to work with most commercial and domestic CCTV systems available in the UK. We have two variations that can handle up to 9 or 18 channels, supplying up to 1.11A per channel. The box is powered by a standard UK AC socket and a mains lead is included. The electrical input required is mains power: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz. The output is DC 12V - 5A, 60W or DC12V - 10A 120W, suitable for most CCTV cameras.

- Professional power supply box for CCTV
- Secure, lockable, wall mountable case
- Suitable for up to 9 or 18 cameras (choose the model in the dropdown above)
- Max. supply: 1.11A per channel
- PTC fuse (auto-resettable fuse)
- AC socket
- Power switch on/off
- Output voltage adjustment +/- 1.2V

- Product Code cps-a5
- Type: CCTV Accessories
- Features: PTC fuse, AC socket, main lead
- Brand: Nordstrand
- Proportions: 24 x 20.5 x 5 cm






Solar Charge Controller

The 12volt supply from the PSU panel is fed into the solar panel input of the controller.

The battery terminal goes to the lead acid battery and the 12volt battery backed up load to the power supply PCB fuses 10-18.

Anself 20A 12V 24V LCD Solar Charge Controller Panel Battery Regulator Auto Switch Overload Protection Temperature Compensation


LCD screen display all parameters.
With output switch, intelligent control, easy to operate. Fully automatic operation.
Microcontroller digital accuracy. A key to open and close the load.
PWM charging mode(SOC). With separated temperature detected circuit, high precision temperature compensation function.
DC 12V and USB 5V charging for DC lamp and phone.

This solar charge controller adopts the advanced digital techniques and operates fully automatically. The PWM battery charging mode can greatly increase the lifetime of your battery and has various unique functions and quite easy to use features.

Overload protection;
Short-circuit protection;
Lighting protection;
Under-voltage protection;
Over-charging protection;
Reverse polarity protection.

Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Voltage of Battery: 12V / 24V Automatic
Rated Charge/Discharge Current: 20A
USB Output Voltage: 5V
Total USB Output Current: 3A
DC Output Voltage: 12V
Total DC Output Current: 2A
Overload/Short Circuit Protection: 1.5 Times by Rated Current
Short Circuit Recovery Time: 10s
Open Circuit Voltage of Solar Panel: 40V
No Load Loss: 0.05W
Over Voltage Protection: 15V; x2/24V
Float Charge Voltage: 14V; x2/24V
Discharge Recovery Voltage: 12V; x2/24V
Over Discharge Voltage: 10.5V; x2/24V
Control Mode: Software Intelligent Control
Working Temperature: -35~55C
Item Size: 135 * 100 * 25mm / 5.31 * 3.94 * 0.98in (L * W * H)
Item Weight: 222g / 7.83oz
Package Size: 14.5 * 12 * 3.8cm / 5.7 * 4.72 * 1.5in (L * W * H)
Package Weight: 270g / 9.54oz

Package List:
1 * Solar Charge Controller
2 * DC Cable
1 * User Manual(English)









Power Supply Modification

All 240v wiring is removed from the circuit board and is connected directly the the terminals on the power supply unit.

The switch and terminal block on the PCB are then redundant.

The main 12v power rail is then cut between the 9th & 10 fuse.

Fuses 1 to 9 are connected to the non battery backed up supply.

Fuses 10 to 18 are connected to the battery backed up supply.


 below the cut in the 12volt rail can be seen on the back of the PCB.













The power supply unit is connected to a current cost IAM and is fed to the Meteoplug data server to monitor power use.

Note the power goes up at night due to the connected CCT cameras using IR LEDs during the hours of darkness.