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Burning a new Arduino UNO Bootloader onto an Atmega 328 IC


Note this board must be used with Arduino V1 C:\Program Files (x86)\arduino-1.0/arduino.exe (seems now to work with 1.6.9 as well)

IC must be be a PICO power ATMEGA328P-PU not a ATMEGA328-PU

You will need an Arduino UNO loaded with the boot_loader program and the proto shield with zif socket.

If you don't have a Arduino with the bootloader sketch ready go here for instructions how to load it.

Place the blank Atmega 328 IC in the ziff socket with pin 1 nearest the latch end of the ziff socket.

Load up the Arduino enviroment.

No need to load any sketches just go to "Tools" then  "Programmer" and select "Arduino as ISP" (don't forget to change it back to AVRISP mk11 when you are done)



Then select "Burn Bootloader "


Program responds with "Burning bootloader to I/O Board (this may take a minute)....."


When complete the blank IC should now have an UNO bootloader installed and can be removed from the ziff socket.


When finished don't forget to set the programmer back to AVRISP mk11 in the "tools" "programmer" menu.





Making an Arduino into a Bootloader

You will need to load the sketch "Boot_Loader.ino" into a blank UNO. It can be found in X:\My Documents\Arduino\Boot_Loader\Boot_Loader/Boot_Loader.ino or can be downloaded from  here.

Load Boot_Loader.ino into the Arduino editor/compiler program and upload to the UNO you want to make a bootloader programmer.

The  proto shield with zif socket can then be connected onto the Arduino shield.

You are now ready to burn bootloaders.


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